Oozing Blood of Lord Krishna’s Foot

Three footsteps

that measured the world

aren’t solicited


Reaching hometown

within a footstep

is sufficient


The lengthy saree

that Draupathi was bestowed

isn’t wanted


A spare cloth for

walking mothers

mom-to-be wives

swooning sisters

pubescent daughters

are enough


Coolness of Brindhavan

isn’t besought

sandal for blistered feet

is all that is wanted


Lifting the Govardhana hill and

bringing the rain to halt

isn’t besieged


A tree’s cool shade

is that all needed for

scorching sun


Kavasa Kundala of

Supreme Self,

received of charity,

isn’t asked for


One mouthful of rice

is all sufficient


Those Seven worlds

seen revolving inside

Balakrishna’s mouth

isn’t coveted


Witnessing Lord Krishna’s

foot and blood

is enough


Carrying the infant

in a basket,

Vasudeva crossed

the river walking through


Our Vasudevas 

carrying poverty

vade walking through

black river


For Boodhagi,

Aadhisheshan is 

a protecting parasol


Sudharshana Wheel 

is in the fury of

those who walk


Their silence is

novel Bhagavad Gita

their tears,

conch Paanchajanyam


This is

The Kurukshetra on Highway



Krishna is with


  • Andal Priyadharshini

Translated By : Naveena

About the Translator:

Naveena, an ardent writer in Tamil and English is a native of Hanumanthanpatty, Theni district. She works as an Assistant Professor of English at PMT College, Melaneelithanallur. A prospective doctorate in the realm of African Women writings . Emecheta and Adichie, are her forte in research exploration. 

Apart from writing and researching, she is one of the editors for an academic journal under the aegis of Indian Defense Ministry. Naveena has also been honoured with the coveted, ‘Voice of Women’ award, by CPS, Srilanka.

Her anthologies in English include, A Parrot in Blue & Other Poems on Feminism, Are You Real & Other Poems on Greek and Roman mythical and metaphysical love stories. Lilithum Aadamum, is her collected essays in Tamil realm. It’s her creative literary endeavour on Gender- bender  tolerance and pro- Feminism.

She is a well trained translator from National Translation Mission. Her diversified interest has made her  assist in translating text books of schools under the Government of Tamilnadu. Her Tamil poems embalm and encompass dialects of Theni and Madurai. Of late, she is conferred with the  prestigious award of horonary doctorate from George Washington University for her tireless contributions towards the upliftment of tribal children in promoting their wellness in skill based learning. 


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